New Launch - Bio Micro Clove Action Toothpaste

Just like your skin and hair, your teeth also deserve natural care and protection to maintain its health and shine. Our new launch, Bio Micro Clove Action Toothpaste, promises the best Ayurvedic protection for your teeth with Whitening and 9 amazing features.

Rich in clove and tulsi, this unique toothpaste has the goodness and wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine. These 9 good-to-you features ensure targeted results and the glow of healthy well-being -

1. Whiten - With its natural whitening action, Bio Micro Clove Action toothpaste helps give you whiter teeth which will help reflect a beautiful smile.

2. Clean - Its excellent cleaning action helps maintain oral hygiene and prevents common oral health conditions naturally.

3. Remove Stains - This toothpaste actively removes all stains caused on your teeth by certain foods, drinking excessive amount of tea, chewing tobacco etc. 

4. Freshen Breath - Bad breath and unpleasant odor are common issues faced by many which are caused due to germs living and growing in your mouth. Regularly using this toothpaste will give you a fresh breath by fighting these germs.

5. Control Tartar - Bio Micro Clove Action toothpaste prevents the formation of tartar or calcalus which is a form of hardened plaque on your teeth. 

6. Fight Cavities - Its outstanding formula also helps fight cavities and tooth decay caused by taking poor care of your teeth or using harsh toothpastes.

7. Organically pure & Preservative free - The toothpaste is 100% pure and is free from chemical preservatives, which makes it safe for your teeth.

8. Brighten Your Smile - Get a beautiful and bright smile with the regular use of Bio Micro Clove action toothpaste which will surely make you the center of attention everywhere.

9. Treat Teeth in the Ayurvedic manner - This 100% Ayurvedic formulae makes Teeth & Gums strong.

The Bio Micro Clove Action toothpaste is now available exclusively at our website and you can shop for it here - .

Makeup Trends to Try This Party Season

Have you started gearing up for the ongoing wedding season and upcoming New Year eve party? Making a style statement in this weather is tough as you are ducked in layers of clothes. But by enhancing your looks with the help of makeup, you can glam up this party season.

Here, we have made a list of top makeup trends that will help you get a unique look and stand out in the crowd, wherever you go -

1. Fuller Brows - A beauty trend which is not only being showcased all over the ramps but also being donned by many celebrities is Fuller eyebrows. Full but neatly groomed brows not only give you a sharp look but also make you the center of attention. 

You can highlight them with a brow liner and a bronzer for a more feminine appeal. Apply Bio Kaajal to your inner eye lids for a charming appeal and finish off your look with Bio Fruit lip balm.

2. Burgundy Lips - Fall is all about welcoming warm colours like Burgundy not only to your wardrobe but to you vanity kit as well. Invest in a sexy burgundy lipstick and wear it alone over a bare face for a look which is sophisticated and elegant.

3. Fresh Glow - This winter is all about flaunting your flawless, clear complexion with no trace of imperfections and a fresh charm. 

You can easily achieve this look in a few steps - Start with applying Bio Dandelion serum to a cleansed face which helps brighten skin and fade away dark spots. Follow it up by moisturizing your face with Bio Morning Nectar lotion which will give you a radiant glow. 

Apply a satin or matte finish foundation, follow it with a face powder if needed and then apply a cream blush by your fingers for a dewy finish. For a soft glow on the cheeks, apply a liquid or cream highlighter which will give you a radiant appearance.

4. Metallic Eyes - You have donned your classic little black dress, a pair of stilettos and a statement clutch but still feel something is missing. Well, all you need to glam up your look is a metallic eye shadow in shades like emerald green, gold, platinum and bronze. Spread your favorite shade evenly over the lids and up to the brow bones. 

For a more dramatic effect, create a V shape towards the outer corners and blend the eye shadow so that it comes back under your lower lash line. Finish with tons of mascara, peachy blush and Bio Berry lip balm that will instantly nourish your lips and give them a plumping effect.

5. Bright Eyeliner - From bright blues to tangy turquoise, this Party season is all about brightening your eyes with the hottest colors of the season. It is also one of the most easy-to-do makeup tricks that will instantly brighten up your face and give you a fresh look.

For a unique statement, keep the rest of your face bare to make the color the star of the show.  

How To Get Fabulous Hair This Autumn Winter

In the last post, we covered some amazing tips about how to keep your skin soft and smooth this Fall and here we are with some useful tips to prepare your tresses to face the cold weather :

  • Cleanse Your Hair - Exposure to extreme heat and pollution would have left your hair feeling dry and frizzy over the summer months. Autumn is the perfect time to replenish the lost health of your hair and make way for shiny and smooth hair. 

Cleanse your hair 2-3 times a week with Bio Soya Protein shampoo that nourishes your hair and promotes a healthy shine. Follow it up with Bio Watercress conditioner to give maximum protection to your dry or damaged hair.

  • Regular Oiling - Sweating or perspiration might have made you miss an important part of any haircare regime ie. Oiling during the hotter months. But Fall is the time when you should oil your hair regularly to control the frizz and protect the damaged hair cuticles. 
We recommend you to use Bio Flame of the Forest oil which fortifies follicles against damage, adds shine and lustre to hair, and maintains its health. A regular massage with this oil will stimulate blood circulation to the scalp and relieve you of stress.

  • Deep Conditioning - While this step is not exclusive to just one season, but deep conditioning your hair is also a step which you shouldn't skip once summer is gone. To restore the lost moisture of your hair, try a deep conditioning treatment like Bio Musk Root hair pack which thoroughly clarifies hair, makes hair soft and rejuvenates the scalp. 

For best results, you can mix 2 – 3 spoonful of this pack with one egg or half bowl curd to make a paste according to your hair length & your requirement. When used regularly, Bio Musk Root hair pack will help strengthen your hair strands and promote fresh hair growth.

  • Get Rid of Split Ends - Those damaged hair tips with split ends make for a very ugly sight for your otherwise pretty hair. Sun exposure, pollution and dust can often lead to split ends. Therefore, you should get your hair trimmed regularly to chop off the split ends and keep the hair tips healthy. 
Also, do not shampoo your hair excessively unless you have very oily hair. Wash your hair 2-3 times a week to prevent drying out of hair.

  • Cover Up Your Hair - If you are heading out in the cold weather, make it a habit to carry a scarf along to cover your hair and protect them from extreme temperatures. You can choose from a wide range of hair accessories to cover your hair which would also make for a stylish option to style your hair this season.
Follow the above given hair care tips to protect your mane this season, and also don't forget to have a balanced diet, hydrate yourself and stock up on the necessary haircare products for your early autumn hair defense.

Tips for Getting an Acne Free Skin

All of us desire a flawless, glowing and younger-looking skin but with exposure to sun and pollution, hectic schedules, poor eating habits and other factors, it can be difficult to achieve that perfect skin. And a common problem which is not only faced by teenagers but adults too is of acne and blemishes. 

Even a small pimple can cause you to fret if it pops up just a day before you have to attend an important meeting, interview or party. But we have got you covered with these simple tips on how to keep your skin acne-free -

  • Cleansing - An important skincare step you should be following often, if you have an acne-prone skin, is cleansing your skin atleast twice a day. The amount of bacteria, dirt or makeup on your skin is the main cause of pimples. You should ideally wash your face twice a day with Bio Pineapple foaming cleanser which helps control oil, dissolve makeup and purify the pores.
Don't forget to tone your face after cleansing with Bio Cucumber toner to keep the skin in its purest form and maintain the pH balance of the skin.

  • Hydration - This should be your skincare mantra - Drink atleast 7-8 glasses of water daily - to keep your skin well hydrated and healthy. Drinking adequate amount of water daily will detoxify your body and remove impurities. 

  •  Don't Pop your Pimples - Time and again your would have heard this that you should not try to pop your pimples or touch it often. Squeezing pimples can make the condition worse by driving bacteria to the skin and causing skin infection.

·         Use Clean Makeup brushes - For a healthy and beautiful skin, it is important to use only clean makeup brushes. Your makeup brushes collect dirt, oil, bits of makeup and bacteria on regular use, which can lead to clogged pores and cause acne breakouts. 

·         Don't give up on Products - Some people tend to change skincare products within a few days when they don't see the desired results. It is recommended that you should give a product atleast 10-12 weeks to see if it works before changing your skincare regime. 

·         Anti-acne Treatment - We recommend you to pamper your skin with Biotique's anti-acne range of products that include the Bio Myristica face pack which is a spot-correction product that you can apply on the affected area and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Wash it off with Bio Neem face wash and apply the Bio Winter Green cream to help heal the affected area effectively. 
You can also use Bio Chlorophyll anti-acne gel on a daily basis to tighten pores and soothe the skin deeply. It is a light moisturizer which works well on acne-prone skin, nourishing it and keeping it clear without flaking.
If you have a blemished skin, then we recommend you to use Bio Clove anti-blemish face pack which absorbs excess oils, controls pimples and make way for a clear and smooth skin.

With regular use you would get a spotless, clear skin which will surely fetch you many compliments.

It is also necessary to have a balanced diet and do any form of exercise daily for atleast 30 minutes to stay stress-free and keep your skin healthy and glowing. 

Making few changes in your diet like reducing the intake of coffee, chocolates and fried food would also help keep the skin clear and smooth. 
How To Get Beautiful Eyes With Kajal

Kohl or Kajal is one beauty product which is all you need to give a glamorous look to your eyes and look beautiful instantly. And most of us were introduced to Kajal in our early ages only through our mothers and grandmothers who not only applied Kajal for beautifying eyes but also because of its other benefits.

Kajal is not only popular in India but also in other parts of the world, especially Egypt, Africa and the Middle East.

If you are looking for a natural Kohl, then Bio Kaajal by Biotique is the perfect pick as it is made in a traditional Ayurvedic manner and contains almond oil that conditions and nourishes your eyes. Bio Kaajal is also rich in natural ingredients like pure sesame oil, and extracts of eclipta alba, indian gooseberry and berberis aristata that help promote eye lash growth.

Many people don't know the correct way of applying a Kajal, so in this post we are going to cover few tips to make your eyes look pretty with Kohl :

  • Stand in front of a mirror, and use Bio Kaajal to apply a light line to the rims of your eye, from inner to outer corner and repeat this for both the eyes.
  • Depending upon your mood and outfit, you can go for a thin line or a smokey look. 
  • To achieve a smokey eye look with Bio Kaajal, apply a thin line on your lower lashline as described above. Then apply a thick line on the upper lashline and smudge it with your fingertip or a brush to achieve the desired look.
  • You can experiment with your kajal by going for a cat eye look. To achieve this look by drawing out a line on your lower or upper lashline and extending it upwards.  
  • A more popular trend these days to apply a Kajal is the Double Winged eye look in which you have to apply the kajal both on your upper and lower lashline. Extend the line on the upper lashline to create a high-flying wing and give a delicate downward curve to the line on the lower lashline.

If you want a natural look, just apply Bio Morning Nectar lotion on your face followed by a concealer and brighten your eyes with the Bio Kaajal.
Go for a smokey eye look if you want your eyes to be the center of attention, but keep the rest of your makeup minimal by just adding a hint of color to your lips.

Because area around the eye is really sensitive, make sure you don't share your Kohl with anyone else as it may cause infection or irritation. Also, you should avoid applying any eye makeup if you are having an eye infection. 

Make sure you remove all the eye and face makeup before you go to sleep with Bio Almond oil cleanser which is specially formulated to remove eye and face makeup.
Revitalize Your Skin This Autumn | Fall Skincare Guide

The summer season is now making way for Fall which means shorter days, drop in temperatures and dry air. The change in season not only calls for a wardrobe transition but also a change in autumn skincare routine. It's time to stack upon some heavy-duty moisturizers, nourishing lip balms and body lotions to protect your skin from the drying weather.

Here we have covered few guidelines you can follow to get a smooth and beautiful skin all through the autumn-winter :

  • Intensive Treatment – The summer weather and harsh sunrays must have stripped off your skin from its radiant glow and suppleness. Therefore, an intensive treatment rich in vitamins and minerals is necessary to replenish the lost moisture. We recommend Bio Dandelion serum to get soft and smooth skin.
You can also use Bio Pistachioface pack which revitalizes your skin and nurtures it to bring out a radiant complexion.

  • Exfoliation - Weekly exfoliation is a must this Fall to keep your skin looking radiant and remove dead skin cells. Bio Papaya scrub is our top recommended product which will help you get the rid of the tan which your skin would have got from the sun exposure and reveal a bright complexion. 

If you have extremely dry skin, Bio Walnut scrub would help purify and polish your skin, and sweep away dry lines caused due to the harsh summer weather. Bio Papaya is also an excellent exfoliating face wash which has a gentle refining action to make way for a soft and smooth skin.

  • Nourishment - The key to beautiful winter skin is keeping it nourished and well moisturized all day long. We recommend you to use Bio Winter Cherry body nourisher which has amazing revitalizing, nurturing and lightening properties. 

Fall is also the time to ditch your summer lotions and make way for moisturizing creams to promote a healthy skin texture and provide optimum hydration of the skin. BioSaffron Dew face cream is a rich but easily absorbing cream which helps provides weather protection and nourishment to your skin.

  • Protection - You should not let go of your sunscreen yet as protection from sun is required throughout the year. After applying a moisturizing cream, apply Bio Carrot sunscreen lotion to protect the skin from harmful sunrays. Do not forget to keep your lips moisturized with a nourishing lip balm like Bio Almond which deeply nourishes and fortifies lips.

Along with the above given tips, you should also make Toning an important part of your skin care regime to keep your skin hydrated and fresh. We recommend Bio Honey Water toner which has the goodness of pure honey and Himalayan waters to refresh and tones you complexion.
Oil Your Way To Healthy Hair | Oiling Hair Benefits

Beautiful and healthy hair is desired by each one of us. And the one haircare mantra that has been passed on to us by our mothers and grandmothers is Oiling of hair regularly. Oiling of hair is not only recommended for treatment of damaged and lifeless hair, but also a good massage helps in stress relief and stimulates blood circulation to scalp.

In this post we are covering some amazing benefits of oiling your tresses regularly to maintain long and healthy hair :

  • Increases Blood Circulation - Oiling your hair followed by a massage with kneading pressure opens up the blood vessels and helps increase the flow and boost blood circulation. This helps prevent your hair from premature hair loss and other hair problems.

  • Conditions Hair - Busy work schedule, bad eating habits, exposure to sunrays, pollution and other factors can take a toll on the health of your hair. Regular oiling helps fight such hair damage with its deep conditioning action. 
The best way to condition your hair is to heat oil to a certain temperature, apply it with a gentle motion and leave it on for an hour followed by shampooing with Bio Kelp shampoo

  • Prevents Dryness - If you have extremely dry or frizzy hair, oiling with Bio Flame of The Forest oil would help lock in the moisture and nourish the tresses. Oiling would help also help protect hair which has become dry due to coloring, styling or heat treatments.  

  • Encourages Hair Growth - Oiling hair on a regular basis through an effective massage helps promote hair growth. Massaging your scalp in a gentle movement would make the oil penetrate deep within the roots and enhances scalp circulation. 
We recommend you to use Bio Bhringraj oil which has an intensive formulation that nourishes the scalp and strengthen the hair strands to prevent hair loss. You can leave on the Bio Bhringraj oil for 2-3 hours or leave it overnight for effective results.

  • Promotes Shine and Smoothness - If your hair lacks the lustre and shine you desire then you should oil your hair atleast twice a week to give your hair a natural shine. Also, you can use your hair oil as a leave-in conditioner by applying just 2-3 drops of oil to the entire length of hair.
Make sure you use hair oil judiciously and wash it off after every application with a shampoo and a conditioner for effective results.
Say it With Your Hair - Hair Style Trends Fall 2014

It's almost the end of August and the Fall has slowly started setting in.

While you work on re-arranging your wardrobe and altering your skincare routine for Fall/Winter, here we have covered few hairstyle trends that are a must try in the new season :

  • Bangs - If humidity and hot weather made you stay away from fringes, it's time to cut them short and proudly flaunt them in the coming season. You can choose a style which suits your face shape and accentuate your best features.
Biotique Baby Care Collection - For Your Baby's Complete Skin Care

Your baby's skin very delicate and demands special care and attention. Biotique understands that your baby deserves only the best and therefore our carefully designed Baby Care Collection using Biotique's proven Ayurvedic recipes would be the best gift for your baby.

Biotique's Baby Care Collection comprises of 6 essential products for your baby's complete skin care.

The collection features the following products -

  • Bio Green Apple Tearproof Shampoo - Washing your baby's hair has to be dealt really carefully as a shampoo may get into his eyes. But with Bio Green Apple 100% soap-free tearproof shampoo, you need not worry as it cleanses your baby's delicate hair and scalp gently without causing any dryness or irritating baby's delicate eyes.

  • Bio Almond Soft Massage Oil - In the growing years, massaging your baby's skin is really important to keep it soft and smooth. Bio Almond oil has the goodness of almonds, margosa and coconut oils with other natural ingredients that help nurture your baby's soft skin. 
Look Beautiful Naturally - Natural Beauty Tips

When it comes to looking good and getting beautiful skin, most of us rush towards buying the latest treatment out in town that claims to give us a bright, flawless skin. But trying out treatments too often can lead to breakouts, blemishes, skin irritation and other signs of skin damage.

The best and the most beneficial way of getting a healthy, glowing skin is by following the natural way. Here, we are covering some useful tips that would help you achieve a radiant skin naturally -

  • Use Herbal Products - If you wish to maintain your skin's youthful look and enhance the complexion naturally, it is recommended to use only organic beauty products which are made using natural ingredients that do not cause any damage to skin and help heal it from within. 
All natural skincare products offered by Biotique have the goodness of proven Ayurvedic recipes and are from chemicals.
Skincare Dos and Don'ts for Monsoon

The monsoon is finally here and we know how important it is to keep your skin fresh and smooth in this humid weather. And if you are going through the monsoon woes like losing the glow of your face and frizzy hair, we have covered some important Do's and Dont's to follow this season to protect your skin and hair from the rainy weather :

The DO's

  • Keep your Hair Dry - Most of us like to get drenched in rain, but that shouldn't mean that you keep your hair wet for long as it may leave your hair frizzy and damaged. You should wipe your hair dry as soon as you get home to keep them protected. Also, keep an umbrella or raincoat handy whenever you head out to protect your hair from rains.

  • Indulge in Spa treatments - Rainy season leads to hair breakage and frequent hair loss. To prevent this, you should go for regular spa treatments and if you don't have time to go to a salon, you can use Bio Musk Root hair pack at home and then shampoo with Bio Kelp shampoo to make your hair soft, shiny and healthy.
Monsoon Skincare & Health Tips for Kids

Monsoon means play time for kids who love getting drenched in the rains, splashing on the puddles and playing with dirty water. While rainy days bring a much needed relief from the scorching sun, they also bring a lot of challenges to healthy skin. Also, the increased levels of humidity can make your child's skin dehydrated and prone to infections.

Here we are listing some important tips which you should follow as a part of your child's daily skincare regime in monsoon - 

  • We recommend to use pediatrician approved products for your baby all year round but specially in the monsoon season as the baby’s skin is very sensitive and is prone to rashes and infection during this time. All Biotique products are pediatrician approved and recommended.

  • Change your kid's wet clothes and shoes as soon as he comes home after getting wet, as it may cause fungal infections and make skin itchy or flaky. A good water bath with Bio Berry bubble bath is recommended. This 100% soap-free bubble wash refreshes and nourishes your baby’s skin naturally without causing any dryness. It is great for a relaxing, joyful bath for your child with the added benefit of keeping him clean and infection free. 

  • Use a talcum powder like Bio Basil & Red Sandalwood baby powder which helps absorb wetness and keep the skin free from rashes. The cooling powder has goodness of natural ingredients like pure basil, sandalwood etc. that keep your baby’s skin cool and dry all day.

  • Monsoon brings with it menace of insects like mosquitoes, termites etc. which can damage your baby's skin. Make sure your kid's bed has a mosquito net and you use a mosquito repellent on his skin to prevent from mosquito bites.

  • Wash your child's hair with Bio Green Apple baby shampoo to rinse away all the dirt and impurities the hair must have soaked in while getting drenched. This gentle baby shampoo has the goodness of pure green apple extract, is pH balanced and rinses hair easily. This shampoo is also pediatrician recommended, as are the other baby products.

  • Kids have a very sensitive skin and high humidity levels in monsoon can cause rashes or skin infections. So make sure you are keeping your child's skin hydrated with a moisturizing cream like Bio Wheat Germ cream which protects his skin from dryness and irritation all day long.  It also helps seal in moisture and nurture baby’s delicate skin.

  • Children love to savor oily snacks and foods in monsoon season, but they should not be allowed to binge on these fatty food items. Higher humidity makes digestive system weak and therefore junk food can cause indigestion in kids.

  • Make sure your kid is wearing light clothing in the rainy season and carries along an umbrella or wears a raincoat whenever he goes out in the rain to prevent him from getting drenched and thus catching ailments like common cold or fever.
Along with these tips, make sure your child is drinking enough water (atleast 5-6 glasses per day) and eating a balanced diet to keep him healthy and fresh this season.

Hair Care Tips - Get Ready For Monsoon

It's that time of the year again when the scorching sun is giving way to a breezy weather and rainy days, bringing respite from the extreme heat. But the rainy season also brings along with it higher humidity which we know is trouble for our hair!

But if you follow a proper Hair care regime this season to keep your hair protected and nourished, you can manage to keep many hair problems at bay.

  • Wash your Hair regularly- In monsoons you may get caught in rain very often and therefore the first thing you do after reaching home is wash your hair. But washing your hair too often can deprive it of its health and natural oils. You should ideally wash your hair 2-3 times a week to keep your hair clean and nourished. Over washing your hair can lead to excessive drying of your hair and also cause frizziness and breakage. Bio Kelp shampoo is an excellent shampoo for monsoon to prevent hair fall and cleanse your hair thoroughly.

  • Deep Condition your Hair - While you should shampoo and condition your hair 2-3 times a week, it is also essential to deep condition your hair atleast once a week using a nourishing hair pack like Bio Musk Root to get rid of the frizziness of hair and make them healthy and soft. It will also smoothen out your hair and neutralize the frizziness caused by rains and windy weather while promoting new hair growth and stopping hair fall.

  • Combing carefully - You should be using a wide toothed comb and start combing your hair from the bottom before combing them from the roots. Also applying a conditioner like Bio Sea Kelp after every hair wash would make your hair soft and easier to comb.

  • Don't over-style your Hair - Styling your hair on humid days can cause more damage than good for your hair. Also, on extra-humid days it would get difficult for you to style your hair in curls or waves, and any moisture that your hair absorb will make it attain its natural texture, therefore making it tough to manage. Instead, you can try different hairstyles like braids and top buns this season to manage your hair and still look stylish.

  • Have a Protein-rich Diet - A balanced and nutritious diet focusing on Protein rich food would be the best for your hair as proteins are considered as an important nutrient for your hair's health. Therefore, you should include foods like eggs, kidney beans, dark green vegetables, nuts, low-fat dairy products etc. in your diet.

Along with the above mentioned tips, you should keep simple things in mind like carrying an umbrella, tying a scarf around your hair and having atleast 7-8 glasses of water daily to prevent your hair from the rains and maintain its health. 
Go for Minimal Makeup this Season

Summer is slowly giving way to fresh, breezy monsoon weather which is a delight for everyone. This rainy season, there are few things which no one should miss indulging in, like getting drenched in the first monsoon showers, going out for long romantic drives, treating yourself with lip-smacking snacks and going for weekend getaways.

The rainy season also brings with it some makeup woes like smudging and washing out of makeup, running mascara and much more. But don't let this dampen your spirits, as we you can go for some amazing minimal makeup tricks this season to look your best and make a unique statement -

  •  Graphic eye liner- This season you can go for a different eye makeup look which involves a graphic eye with straight flicks and angular strokes. This retro eye look is the best way to get your monsoon makeup fix.

  • Soft, Berry Lips - The easiest way to look pretty and perfect this season is to go for a natural makeup look this season by highlighting your lips with soft, berry colors and using just a moisturizer like Bio Morning Nectar lotion and a matte finish skin primer on your face. 

  • Bright Eyes - Use colorful waterproof eye liners or eye shadows to brighten up your eyes and keep the rest of the makeup simple by just highlighting your cheekbones or using a mattifying face powder.

  • Glowing Face – Give a natural glow to your skin by just using a tinted moisturizer and a bronzer. Keep your eyes makeup free, and just add a hint of Bio Fruit lip balm on your lips for that girly look.

Apart from these, if you still have to do some party makeup, you should wear makeup carefully to prevent it from spoiling in muggy weather. Avoid using cream eyeshadows as they tend to smudge more. Instead go for powder eye shadows as they will keep the color from melting off on your face and tend to stay longer.

Choose matte lip colors which stay longer on your lips and do not get sticky due to the higher levels of humidity. Also, it is important to use a makeup remover like Bio Berberry that helps dissolve makeup and grime thoroughly. 

Tie your hair in a bun or braids as much as possible, and use colorful hair accessories to accentuate your look. 
Also follow a proper skin care regime for monsoon to protect your skin from the humidity and keep it hydrated and soft. 
Prepare your Skin for the Monsoons | Monsoon Skin Care Tips

The intense summer heat is on its verge to give way to breezy weather, cloudy skies, light showers and increased levels of humidity. The upcoming monsoons will be a welcome change from the extreme heat, sunburns and sweaty summer days. But have you prepared your skin to meet the seasonal change and handle the humidity?

Here we have covered some important and easy to follow tips to take care of your skin this summer :

  • Cleanse the Skin - Humidity tends to cause acne on your skin, therefore it becomes essentials to wash your face with a gentle, soap-free cleanser atleast two-three times a day to remove oil, impurities and purify pores. Bio Papaya is an excellent face wash to try this season as it cleans as well as exfoliates your face to dissolve dead skin cells. 

Perfect Summer Skincare Regime - Reverse the Sun Damage

While the summer seems to be ending soon with rains having started in most parts of the country, the summer heat must have left your skin tanned and dull looking. But if you follow a proper skincare regime this season, you can easily get your fresh and glowing skin back.

We have jotted down an easy to follow skincare regime that would help you out in reversing the sun damage, and giving back a beautiful skin-

  • Cleansing with Bio Neem - Cleansing your skin thoroughly is an important part of any skincare regime. You should ideally wash your face twice a day with Bio Neem face wash which has amazing anti-bacterial properties that help clean and purify your complexion, bringing out a soft and healthy skin.

  • Toning with Bio Cucumber - Summer heat makes you sweat a lot which can lead to clogged or open pores. Bio Cucumber toner has amazing pore tightening properties which help hydrate and maintain the pH balance of your skin. 
Simple Tips to keep your Baby's Skin Healthy

Your little ones' delicate, soft skin needs proper protection and care all year around. While your baby's skin is soft and smooth, it is also prone to getting rashes, itching or dryness if not cared for properly.
Here are few simple tips you need to follow to give your baby's skin the best protection and nourishment this season :

  • Using a Gentle body wash- A baby's skin is really soft and delicate, therefore you should not use any ordinary soap or body wash to bathe your child as it may be harsh for his skin. We recommend you to use Bio Berry bubble bath which is 100% soap-free and therefore refreshes and nourishes your baby's sensitive skin, without causing any dryness or irritation. 

  • Body Massage - A regular massage using Bio Wheat Germ oil of your baby's skin will help make the skin healthy and glowing. A soothing body massage also helps soothe the baby and promote healthy growth.

  • Moisturizing- You should always choose a moisturizer which is specially made for children like the Bio Morning Nectar lotion and should apply it to your child's face and body post bath to seal in the moisture. If your baby has a really sensitive skin, you should re-apply the moisturizer every 2-3 hours to keep the skin well moisturized and lubricated, preventing him from dryness or irritation.

Summer Skincare Tips for Men

Just like women need a proper skincare regime to look good, men need to follow a proper skincare routine including CTM (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing). Being exposed to sun and pollution, long working hours and stressful jobs can really damage your skin if you don't give it the much needed attention.

Here we have covered some important tips which you should follow this summer for a healthy skin -

  • Use good quality razors - A quality razor is like an investment you make for your skin, and you should choose a razor that fits your skin sensitivity and beard coarseness, which would also help you achieve a smooth shave. Also, you should shave off the hair preferably after a shave as the facial hair are made softer by warm water and are easier to be shaved off. 

  • Exfoliation - Atleast once or twice a week use a gentle but rejuvenating scrub to wash away the impurities and dead skin cells gathered on your skin over the week. We recommend Bio Papaya scrub which not only washes away impurities but also removes tan. Exfoliating also helps softening the hair follicles which in turn would help you get a smooth shave with minimal irritation.

  • Daily Skincare - First things first, soaps are equally harsh for your skin as they are women's skin. Therefore you should use a good facial cleanser like Bio Orris Root cleanser that also maintains your skin's natural pH balance. Use a good toner like Bio Honey Water to hydrate your skin and make sure you apply a sun lotion half an hour before you step out of your home.

  • Use an After-shave religiously - The key to a smooth and safe shave is a moisturizing shaving cream like Bio Palmyra shaving cream and a generous use of after-shave after each shave. Also, a quality after-shave like Bio Wild Grass which will hydrate and soothe your skin, and also seals in the moisture.

  • Stay Hydrated - Like anyone else even men need to have atleast 7-8 glasses of water daily to keep themselves hydrated. And if you are into smoking or drinking, you must have atleast 10-12 glasses of water as these habits can really damage your skin and dehydrate the skin.

  • Lip Care - While women have the advantage of many products to protect their lips, it doesn't mean that men need not take care of their lips. We recommend you to use Bio Aloe Vera lip balm that has the power of SPF 30 and will protect your lips in the summer heat from chapping or dryness.
Following these simple tips would lead you to achieve a healthy and younger looking in just a matter of time.
Nail Art Inspiration for Summer 2014

A new season calls for a new look and what better way it would be to flaunt your cool side than with a fresh nail art? Whether you like to keep it simple or quirky and stylish, we have covered six amazing ways straight from the runways, to jazz up your nails this summer.
  • Pastel colors - Pastels came in trend few seasons back and still remain the favorite of fashionistas around the globe for their simplistic charm. And soothing colors like pastel pink, mint, aqua, coral etc. would give your nails a fresh look this summer.
    Image source - Special Girl Nails
  • Minimalist nail art - If you don't have time to do an elaborate or complex nail art, you can go for a minimal look eg. adding few details like stripes, polkas with your favorite nail color. Solid nails with contrast tips like the ones shown below are also a favorite with many designers on the runways and are easy to do for everyone.
Easy to follow Skincare Tips for Working Women

These days women are not bound to their household chores only. They are moving out and making their presence felt in various fields. However, long working hours and managing the home can get really stressful for you and your skin as well. Stress is a major reason for early aging, lines and wrinkles.
So, follow a proper skin care regime and give your skin the care it needs no matter how busy your day is.
  • Cleanse daily - Undoubtedly this is the most important step you of any skin care regime which you should follow whole-heartedly. Cleansing not only helps clear the dead skin cells and impurities but also rejuvenates your skin and opens clogged pores. You should cleanse/wash your face twice a day ideally, once in the morning and once before you go to sleep with a cleanser or face wash suitable for your skin type. 
We recommend Bio Honey Gel for a normal to dry skin and Bio Pineapple for a normal to oily skin type. If you are blessed with skin which is neither oily nor dry, we recommend you to use Bio Neem face wash which would instantly give you a clear, fresh skin.
Cute hairdos to try this Summer - Best Summer Hairstyles 2014

In the scorching summer heat, the toughest part of dressing up is maintaining your hair. While you can give the best protection to your hair by using the right hair care products, it still gets tough to manage long hair whenever you go outdoors.
But fret not, as you can try various cute hairstyles this season that would not only make you stand out in the crowd but are also easily manageable.
Here we have covered some popular and easy-to-do hairstyles for this summer-
  • Top Knots - An easy to do and very popular hairdo on the runways, a messy Top Knot would give you a glamorous look all summer. This hairstyle can be easily achieved in the following ways -
1. Comb your hair to remove any knots
2. Tie your hair in a high ponytail and secure it with a hair band 
3. Twist or wrap your ponytail hair around the hair band to create a smooth knot and use bobby pins to secure the bun.
Important Tips on How to Wash Your Face

How often you wash your face that matters? Washing too often or too little can cause acne breakouts, drying, irritation and rashes on your face. Also, it is really important to use a face wash that suits your skin type.
Here is an easy guide to follow on how often you should wash your face -
  • Normal Skin - If you are lucky to have a normal skin type with rare breakouts or acne, you can wash your face once in the morning after you wake up to remove any dirt or oil that may have built up while you slept. Follow it up by applying toner and a moisturizer. Washing your face at night before you go to bed is a must whether you have gone outdoors or not. For a normal skin, we recommend Bio Honey gel hydrating foaming cleanser in the winters and Bio Neem Purifying cleanser in the summers. We also recommend you to use Bio Berberry makeup remover and Bio Honey Water face toner.
Summer Haircare - How to get Beautiful Hair this summer

We tend to give extra protection only to our skin in the summers, however our hair need the extra care too.
Going outdoors in sun, dust or pollution has harmful effects on your hair, making them dull and luster-less. Ultravoilet rays of the sun can cook the hair shaft, causing severe damage to the health and texture of your hair.

We have summed up some simple tips for you all to protect your scalp and tresses from sun and dust this summer :
  • Wash your Hair 2-3 times a week - If you are used to washing your hair at longer intervals in winters, it's time to change this habit and wash your hair atleast 2-3 times a week to make your hair and scalp healthier. Summers would mean scorching sun that would lead to sweating and greasy hair which need to be cleansed timely. If you are looking for a daily care shampoo, we recommend you to use Bio Green Apple shampoo & conditioner which has a mild formulation perfect for your hair in this hot weather.
  • Trim your Hair - While we all love our long hair and hate to get a cut very often, it's really important to trim your hair timely to get rid off split-ends and maintain their health. Also, it will refresh your style for the new season.
How to Look Good without Makeup - Natural Skin Care

The secret to looking good and beautiful without makeup exists and is possible for anyone and everyone.

Women are generally scared to leave the house without any makeup because they think their face will look terrible without any makeup on. That’s not true. 

Read these simples tips to make your skin glow and look flawless, NATURALLY. Also, going makeup-free some days and still getting compliments will make you feel more confident about yourself.

  • Believe in your Inner BeautyLet's start with the most basic part - believing in yourself and your inner charm. No matter how much makeup you apply or how well you dress up, if you don't feel confident or if you don't love yourself, no other person would be able to feel the same for you. So, first things first, Start Loving Yourself. 

If going makeup-free all at once is too much for you, start adapting the change slowly by going for a minimal-makup look ie. just applying a kaajal (like Bio Kaajal) or mascara and a touch of lip balm like Bio Berry plumping lip balm.
Easy to follow tips to keep your Skin healthy this Summer

As you prepare to beat the summer heat and have a blast being outdoors, don't forget to prepare your skin and body to face the harsh weather.

Here are some simple easy-to-follow tips for a healthy, glowing skin this summer :

  • Keep yourself hydrated - Summers mean scorching sun and that would lead to internal dehydration. So make sure you always keep a bottle of water with you to keep yourself hydrated at all time. Intake of atleast 7-8 glasses of water daily would not only help maintain critical moisture balance of your body and skin but also assist in detoxification.