How often you wash your face that matters? Washing too often or too little can cause acne breakouts, drying, irritation and rashes on your face. Also, it is really important to use a face wash that suits your skin type.
Here is an easy guide to follow on how often you should wash your face -
  • Normal Skin - If you are lucky to have a normal skin type with rare breakouts or acne, you can wash your face once in the morning after you wake up to remove any dirt or oil that may have built up while you slept. Follow it up by applying toner and a moisturizer. Washing your face at night before you go to bed is a must whether you have gone outdoors or not. For a normal skin, we recommend Bio Honey gel hydrating foaming cleanser in the winters and Bio Neem Purifying cleanser in the summers. We also recommend you to use Bio Berberry makeup remover and Bio Honey Water face toner.
  • Oily Skin - An oily skin type has to be treated with extra care as it is more likely to collect dirt and oil as compared to a normal/dry skin. If you have an oily skin, you must wash your face 2-3times a day - once in the morning after you wake up with an oil-free cleanser like Bio Pineapple and follow it up with the application of a toner as it would help absorb excess oil. Bio Cucumber face toner will work very well for an oily skin. Also carry along cleansing wipes to wipe off any extra oil while you are out in the sun or to work. In the afternoon and before you go to bed, wash your face again to remove any dirt or makeup, use a good toner and apply an oil-free moisturizer before you go to sleep.
  • Acne-prone Skin - For washing an acne-prone skin, make sure that your hands are totally clean and you use a soft washcloth to avoid scrubbing your face hard that may cause inflammation or irritate acne. Use a facewash specially created to deal with a pimple-prone skin like Bio Pineapple or Bio Neem face wash and follow it up by applying Bio Chlorophyll anti-acne gel. At the night you can apply Bio Winter Green spot-correcting cream on the acne to get rid of the spots. 
  • Dry skin - Washing your face too often can over-dry a dry skin, therefore a person with dry skin should wash his once in the morning with a hydrating cleanser like Bio Honey Gel hydrating face wash and follow it up with an application of a moisturizer like Bio Saffron Dew which is specially designed to suit a normal to dry skin type. At night, use a gentle cleanser to wipe away any dust or makeup and apply a moisturizing night cream Bio Wheat Germ. Also, use an exfoliating scrub like Bio Walnut weekly to replenish the skin of its lost moisture. 
Apart from these tips, you must not forget to wash your face with clean hands and using a clean washcloth to dry the face. Always wash your face in a gently motion without over-scrubbing that could cause damage to your skin.
Here's a simple guide on how to wash your face -

  1. Clean your hands to remove any dirt, grime and germs. Also, clean your eye makeup before you wash your face.
  2. Wet your face with tepid water 
  3. Place a pea size amount on your palm or fingertips and use your fingertips to rub the cleanser on your face in a gentle circular motion for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  4. Don't forget to rinse the sides of your nose, ears and neck thoroughly.
  5. Splash your face with cool water a couple of times and make sure the cleanser is wiped off completely.
  6. Pat your skin with a soft, dry towel.
A proper daily skincare regime would make sure that you have a healthy, glowing skin all round the year.