New Launch - Bio Micro Clove Action Toothpaste

Just like your skin and hair, your teeth also deserve natural care and protection to maintain its health and shine. Our new launch, Bio Micro Clove Action Toothpaste, promises the best Ayurvedic protection for your teeth with Whitening and 9 amazing features.

Rich in clove and tulsi, this unique toothpaste has the goodness and wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine. These 9 good-to-you features ensure targeted results and the glow of healthy well-being -

1. Whiten - With its natural whitening action, Bio Micro Clove Action toothpaste helps give you whiter teeth which will help reflect a beautiful smile.

2. Clean - Its excellent cleaning action helps maintain oral hygiene and prevents common oral health conditions naturally.

3. Remove Stains - This toothpaste actively removes all stains caused on your teeth by certain foods, drinking excessive amount of tea, chewing tobacco etc. 

4. Freshen Breath - Bad breath and unpleasant odor are common issues faced by many which are caused due to germs living and growing in your mouth. Regularly using this toothpaste will give you a fresh breath by fighting these germs.

5. Control Tartar - Bio Micro Clove Action toothpaste prevents the formation of tartar or calcalus which is a form of hardened plaque on your teeth. 

6. Fight Cavities - Its outstanding formula also helps fight cavities and tooth decay caused by taking poor care of your teeth or using harsh toothpastes.

7. Organically pure & Preservative free - The toothpaste is 100% pure and is free from chemical preservatives, which makes it safe for your teeth.

8. Brighten Your Smile - Get a beautiful and bright smile with the regular use of Bio Micro Clove action toothpaste which will surely make you the center of attention everywhere.

9. Treat Teeth in the Ayurvedic manner - This 100% Ayurvedic formulae makes Teeth & Gums strong.

The Bio Micro Clove Action toothpaste is now available exclusively at our website and you can shop for it here - .

Makeup Trends to Try This Party Season

Have you started gearing up for the ongoing wedding season and upcoming New Year eve party? Making a style statement in this weather is tough as you are ducked in layers of clothes. But by enhancing your looks with the help of makeup, you can glam up this party season.

Here, we have made a list of top makeup trends that will help you get a unique look and stand out in the crowd, wherever you go -

1. Fuller Brows - A beauty trend which is not only being showcased all over the ramps but also being donned by many celebrities is Fuller eyebrows. Full but neatly groomed brows not only give you a sharp look but also make you the center of attention. 

You can highlight them with a brow liner and a bronzer for a more feminine appeal. Apply Bio Kaajal to your inner eye lids for a charming appeal and finish off your look with Bio Fruit lip balm.

2. Burgundy Lips - Fall is all about welcoming warm colours like Burgundy not only to your wardrobe but to you vanity kit as well. Invest in a sexy burgundy lipstick and wear it alone over a bare face for a look which is sophisticated and elegant.

3. Fresh Glow - This winter is all about flaunting your flawless, clear complexion with no trace of imperfections and a fresh charm. 

You can easily achieve this look in a few steps - Start with applying Bio Dandelion serum to a cleansed face which helps brighten skin and fade away dark spots. Follow it up by moisturizing your face with Bio Morning Nectar lotion which will give you a radiant glow. 

Apply a satin or matte finish foundation, follow it with a face powder if needed and then apply a cream blush by your fingers for a dewy finish. For a soft glow on the cheeks, apply a liquid or cream highlighter which will give you a radiant appearance.

4. Metallic Eyes - You have donned your classic little black dress, a pair of stilettos and a statement clutch but still feel something is missing. Well, all you need to glam up your look is a metallic eye shadow in shades like emerald green, gold, platinum and bronze. Spread your favorite shade evenly over the lids and up to the brow bones. 

For a more dramatic effect, create a V shape towards the outer corners and blend the eye shadow so that it comes back under your lower lash line. Finish with tons of mascara, peachy blush and Bio Berry lip balm that will instantly nourish your lips and give them a plumping effect.

5. Bright Eyeliner - From bright blues to tangy turquoise, this Party season is all about brightening your eyes with the hottest colors of the season. It is also one of the most easy-to-do makeup tricks that will instantly brighten up your face and give you a fresh look.

For a unique statement, keep the rest of your face bare to make the color the star of the show.