Important Tips on How to Wash Your Face

How often you wash your face that matters? Washing too often or too little can cause acne breakouts, drying, irritation and rashes on your face. Also, it is really important to use a face wash that suits your skin type.
Here is an easy guide to follow on how often you should wash your face -
  • Normal Skin - If you are lucky to have a normal skin type with rare breakouts or acne, you can wash your face once in the morning after you wake up to remove any dirt or oil that may have built up while you slept. Follow it up by applying toner and a moisturizer. Washing your face at night before you go to bed is a must whether you have gone outdoors or not. For a normal skin, we recommend Bio Honey gel hydrating foaming cleanser in the winters and Bio Neem Purifying cleanser in the summers. We also recommend you to use Bio Berberry makeup remover and Bio Honey Water face toner.
Summer Haircare - How to get Beautiful Hair this summer

We tend to give extra protection only to our skin in the summers, however our hair need the extra care too.
Going outdoors in sun, dust or pollution has harmful effects on your hair, making them dull and luster-less. Ultravoilet rays of the sun can cook the hair shaft, causing severe damage to the health and texture of your hair.

We have summed up some simple tips for you all to protect your scalp and tresses from sun and dust this summer :
  • Wash your Hair 2-3 times a week - If you are used to washing your hair at longer intervals in winters, it's time to change this habit and wash your hair atleast 2-3 times a week to make your hair and scalp healthier. Summers would mean scorching sun that would lead to sweating and greasy hair which need to be cleansed timely. If you are looking for a daily care shampoo, we recommend you to use Bio Green Apple shampoo & conditioner which has a mild formulation perfect for your hair in this hot weather.
  • Trim your Hair - While we all love our long hair and hate to get a cut very often, it's really important to trim your hair timely to get rid off split-ends and maintain their health. Also, it will refresh your style for the new season.
How to Look Good without Makeup - Natural Skin Care

The secret to looking good and beautiful without makeup exists and is possible for anyone and everyone.

Women are generally scared to leave the house without any makeup because they think their face will look terrible without any makeup on. That’s not true. 

Read these simples tips to make your skin glow and look flawless, NATURALLY. Also, going makeup-free some days and still getting compliments will make you feel more confident about yourself.

  • Believe in your Inner BeautyLet's start with the most basic part - believing in yourself and your inner charm. No matter how much makeup you apply or how well you dress up, if you don't feel confident or if you don't love yourself, no other person would be able to feel the same for you. So, first things first, Start Loving Yourself. 

If going makeup-free all at once is too much for you, start adapting the change slowly by going for a minimal-makup look ie. just applying a kaajal (like Bio Kaajal) or mascara and a touch of lip balm like Bio Berry plumping lip balm.
Easy to follow tips to keep your Skin healthy this Summer

As you prepare to beat the summer heat and have a blast being outdoors, don't forget to prepare your skin and body to face the harsh weather.

Here are some simple easy-to-follow tips for a healthy, glowing skin this summer :

  • Keep yourself hydrated - Summers mean scorching sun and that would lead to internal dehydration. So make sure you always keep a bottle of water with you to keep yourself hydrated at all time. Intake of atleast 7-8 glasses of water daily would not only help maintain critical moisture balance of your body and skin but also assist in detoxification.

SPF Decoded - Which sunscreen you need this summer!

Summers have now started setting in and that would mean extra exposure to the heat, sun and sweat for your skin. This summer give extra protection to your skin by choosing the right sunscreen for your skin type. And if you have a hard time choosing which SPF would suit you the best, keep reading as we solve this mystery :
The foremost thing to understand before purchasing a sunscreen is what is an SPF?

SPF or Sun Protection Factor determines how efficiently a sunscreen would protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays and other radiations that can cause sunburn, skin damages and tanning.