Your little ones' delicate, soft skin needs proper protection and care all year around. While your baby's skin is soft and smooth, it is also prone to getting rashes, itching or dryness if not cared for properly.
Here are few simple tips you need to follow to give your baby's skin the best protection and nourishment this season :

  • Using a Gentle body wash- A baby's skin is really soft and delicate, therefore you should not use any ordinary soap or body wash to bathe your child as it may be harsh for his skin. We recommend you to use Bio Berry bubble bath which is 100% soap-free and therefore refreshes and nourishes your baby's sensitive skin, without causing any dryness or irritation. 

  • Body Massage - A regular massage using Bio Wheat Germ oil of your baby's skin will help make the skin healthy and glowing. A soothing body massage also helps soothe the baby and promote healthy growth.

  • Moisturizing- You should always choose a moisturizer which is specially made for children like the Bio Morning Nectar lotion and should apply it to your child's face and body post bath to seal in the moisture. If your baby has a really sensitive skin, you should re-apply the moisturizer every 2-3 hours to keep the skin well moisturized and lubricated, preventing him from dryness or irritation.

  • Shampooing the right way - A soap-free shampoo rich in natural ingredients like Bio Green Apple baby shampoo would help cleanse your baby's scalp and hair gently, without causing any harm to his sensitive eyes. 

  • Light Clothing - For proper care of your baby's delicate skin, you must dress up him in comfortable and light clothing in skin-friendly fabrics like organic cotton that work as an external protective layer for your baby's skin.

  • Sun Protection - It would be best if you keep your children away from direct sunlight to avoid any sun exposure. If you do have to take him out, make sure you dress him up in light clothing and use a sunscreen to protect him from harmful sun rays. 

Following these simple tips and keeping special care of hygiene and safety will ensure your baby's skin remains soft, supple and pure this season.