We tend to give extra protection only to our skin in the summers, however our hair need the extra care too.
Going outdoors in sun, dust or pollution has harmful effects on your hair, making them dull and luster-less. Ultravoilet rays of the sun can cook the hair shaft, causing severe damage to the health and texture of your hair.

We have summed up some simple tips for you all to protect your scalp and tresses from sun and dust this summer :
  • Wash your Hair 2-3 times a week - If you are used to washing your hair at longer intervals in winters, it's time to change this habit and wash your hair atleast 2-3 times a week to make your hair and scalp healthier. Summers would mean scorching sun that would lead to sweating and greasy hair which need to be cleansed timely. If you are looking for a daily care shampoo, we recommend you to use Bio Green Apple shampoo & conditioner which has a mild formulation perfect for your hair in this hot weather.
  • Trim your Hair - While we all love our long hair and hate to get a cut very often, it's really important to trim your hair timely to get rid off split-ends and maintain their health. Also, it will refresh your style for the new season.
  • Avoid heating tools - Your hair would be getting a lot of sun exposure as it is which could lead to damage and drying of your scalp and hair strands. Therefore, you do not want them to go through further stress by using hair tools like straightener, dryer etc. too often. If still you need to style your hair, it would be best to try natural methods, like - washing your hair at night and piling it up in a braid before you go to bed. You will wake up having beautiful beach-wavy hair that you can style with cute accessories.
  • Moisturize and condition - Dealing with summer's heat and grime would also require giving extra care to your hair to replenish moisture to the sun-damaged hair. You should use a nourishing hair serum like Bio Almond & Cashew which will rejuvenate your scalp and add strength to your hair. We also recommend you to oil your hair atleast once a week using Bio Flame of the Forest oil to smooth and repair locks.
  • Hydrate yourself - Drinking atleast 7-8 glasses of water daily is a rule you should live-by in all seasons to promote hair growth, have a beautiful complexion and healthy body. Always carry a water bottle whenever you go out to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Use Organic products – In summers it would be best to avoid strong hair products and try products made from natural ingredients. Even when styling the hair we recommend you to use organic products like Bio Wave gel which is made from seaweed, musk root and centella extracts that help accentuate your hair style naturally. 
  • Sun protection - Summers are the time to refresh your wardrobe and add some stylish hats or scarves that will not only protect your hair from the harmful sun rays but would also give you a unique style.
Following these simple tips and some extra protection this summer would make sure your hair remain shiny and healthy this season.