Hair loss is one concern that is common to all age groups. Some of the main causes for it are stress, pollution, unhealthy life style, poor hygiene and poor nutrition. People have between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs on their head. The number of strands normally lost in a day varies, but on average it is 100. In order to maintain a normal volume, hair must be replaced at the same rate at which it is lost.

Bio Bhringraj Oil does just that- This Fresh Growth Theraputic Oil which is part of the Intensive hair re-growth treatment range of Biotiquefeatures pure bhringraj, buteafrondosa, amla and centella blended with coconut oil and the healthfulness of goat milk to help treat alopecia and other causes of hair loss. Nourishes the scalp and strengthens hair strands to encourage fresh growth and help diminish greying too.

The main ingredient Bhringraj-is an ancient herb rich in proteins, used for centuries to prevent hair loss and premature greying. It Inhibits dandruff and helps keep hair shining with health too.

Bio Bhringraj oil is made from 100% natural Ayurvedic ingredients with no chemicals and hence has no side effects to the long term health of your hair unlike some of the other products which may show results in the short term but cause damage to the long term health of your hair.

How To Use Bhringraj Oil
Gently massage the oil on the scalp and slowly move the figures in circular motion so that the oil penetrates the root of the hair. You can massage the hair for 15 to 30 minutes. You can leave the oil on hair for a minimum of 1-2 hours or also leave it on over-night and wash it in the morning.The oil can be used 2-3 times week or as desired.

Application and Massaging Technique-:

1.    First, part the hair down the center and apply Bio Bhringraj oil to the scalp with your fingers. Work in small sections down the sides of the head, then the back making sure the mixture covers the entire scalp.
2.    Next, give your scalp a good massage.  Rub with the pads of your fingers in a circular motion all over the scalp for 15 minutes at least.  This should feel good!  Apply some pressure, but don’t press so hard that it hurts.

Massaging the Hair Regularly with oil can be very beneficial. Here why-:

•    It strengthening the hair from the roots and provides a noticeable luster.
•    Relieves dry, flaky, tight scalp and treats dandruff.
•    Stimulates the scalp to speed up hair growth.
•    Relaxes the mind and calms the nervous system and hence reduces stress which causes hair loss

Bio Bhringraj Oil has best and fastest results when used with Bio Kelp- fresh growth protein shampoo, Bio Sea Kelp- fresh growth revitalizing conditioner and Bio Musk Root- Fresh growth nourishing treatment pack.

Biotique hair regrowth treatment range blends Ayurvedic therapies with 21stCentaury Bio-Technology, the result is one of the most effective hair re-growth product which gives visible and miraculous results with no side effects.
You can now purchase Bio Bhringraj Oil on our On-line store at The oil is available in two packs 120 ml and 1000 ml.

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